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Senior UX + UI Designer with 15 years of Industry Experience

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I offer a unique and valuable approach towards solving complex usability and business challenges. Some of my most prized skills include the ability to identify early on issues and pitfalls, a unique analytical and creative vision towards identifying winning strategies, and lastly the knowledge and understanding to recognize requirements at every step of a process.


John was awesome to work with. His combined skill set of front end design experience paired with development made him an important asset. I worked closely with him on several projects, so I can say...

Laura MacArthur

Web Designer

John really delivers. He has a special knack for creativity on the web and is quick to respond and produces top quality work. His final results are excellent (he always exceeds my expectations) and he...

Laura Gerston Dvir

Creative Director

John is a consummate professional of the highest order who demands professional excellence from himself, his team and the organization he works for. John’s subject mater expertise and insight into...

David Allen

Technology Manager

John is a great person to work with. He awesome design and web development skills. He has done design work for my both past companies, Echo Home Theater and Enhanced Home Technologies. I would...

Sorin Nicula

Business Owner

Sharp, trending, and efficient are the words that come to mind to describe the work I witnessed while working with John. I had the pleasure of working with him for about eleven months at HomeSmart,...

Jesus Galindo

Software Engineer

John is proven designer and is extremely professional in all environments. He is excellent to work with and understands the dynamics of business and development. I would highly recommend working with...

James Kulon


Frequently asked questions

Describe your design process and what methods you follow.?

My approach is to collect data using analytics, or testing the design on a specific demographic in a format that makes the most sense. This could include testing wireframes or interactive prototypes on users to either validate or reject hypotheses; or it could be sending a survey to a wider demographic to better understand product market fit.

Walk me through a design example where you set out to solve a business problem.

Initially I like to get a good understanding of what the business problem is that I'm trying to design for. Gathering sufficient amount of data about the problem is crucial in forming a good hypotheses.

Next, I would research the users from the targeted demographic and identify common themes, unmet user needs and where the business may have falled short overall. I would evaluate business goals and identify how to best align them in order to find a solution.

Lastly, I create assets like user personas, user stories, flowcharts, wireframes towards exploring solutions that validate ideas and hypotheses which would be aimed at obtaining a significant business value.

What does it mean to be a great UX designer?

For me, being a great UX designer means that I can balance business goals and technical constrains with creating the best user experience possible. Having access to vital user behavioral data such as surveys, a/b testing, and analytics allows me analyze responses in order to make further improvements.


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