Flights Booking Engine Case Study

Desktop Multisite - UX / UI Design

  • Tools & Skills Used:
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Search Form Experience

    In exploring a mobile first approach, I designed a minimal user interface and experience that would not be primarily driven by the desktop experience. The main goal is to showcase a mobile experience that would encompass the points feature.

    In lifting the burden off the user, the design presents predictive city names as the user enters the values into the form input. In simplifying the search experience, I’ve isolated both the destination and the search dates into two separate steps.

  • Search Results Experience

    For the search results, I present both listings and map view. I showcase the max possible savings on each listing in a banner, as well as nightly rate versus market rate.

  • Checkout Experience

    In the checkout experience, I offer a page to review the chosen hotel and room options, along with the pricing breakdown and points applied to the total price. The payment page features a straightforward form to capture guest information and payment information. And lastly we have the confirmation page which provides the user with additional information about cancellation.