Arizona Vacation Rentals

Desktop Multisite - UX / UI Design

  • Tools & Skills Used:
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Introduction

    A custom booking engine for vacation rentals in Arizona, features the ability to search for a vacation home within specific date ranges, view available listings, browse additional details and photos and complete the booking process online.

    This was a very challenging project to work on because of it’s nature, being a custom booking engine, it required to solve a lot of complex requirements within development.

  • Search & Details Experience

    The search page features an easy-to-follow layout with a distinctive, and clear call to action. The layout is broken down into several modules, the search form, the listings and additional information below the listings for search engines.

    The details page features a tab navigation to explore additional information about the property. Less important information is organized and accessible via the tab navigation.